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Overlake Sleep Disorders Center DME Department

is pleased to announce our new service for Sleep Therapy/ CPAP/ BiPAP patients. For supplies reorders, please call our new Interactive Voice Recognition line at 877-849-7035.

This new service will give you the ability to order and receive your sleep therapy supplies with greater ease and will allow you to inform us of any issues you may be having with your equipment and therapy for quick resolution.

This service is an automated telephone call using Interactive Voice Recognition. As a new Sleep Therapy patient, you will not be assigned to receive this notification until you are comfortable with your new prescribed therapy.

The call is short and easy for you to answer/ respond to simple questions. Rest assured, we still want to talk to you when you want to talk to us by dialing 425-732-3426.

The questions that the IVR system will ask you include:
o Are you having any issues with your equipment or therapy?
o Are using your equipment?
o Do you need to order some or all of your supplies?

During the call, you will be asked to confirm your identity by either of the following methods:
• If receiving a call – enter the four digit year you were born using the telephone keypad.
• If calling in – confirm the telephone number that we have on file and keying in your full date of birth, including month, day, and four digit year, when prompted.

The frequency of the calls will not exceed the supply re-order schedule determined by your healthcare insurance provider. It is important to reorder when your supplies are depleted or worn to keep your therapy on course; you will not need to “stockpile” your supplies.

You may use the IVR system 24/7 to reorder your supplies approved for reimbursement by dialing 877-849-7035. Please try it the next time you reorder supplies!


Overlake Sleep Disorders Center DME Department


Durable medical equipment (DME) is a term used to describe devices that are medically necessary to improve the health and quality of life for patients while at home. Patients with certain sleeping disorders often benefit from DME devices that facilitate healthy breathing patterns during sleep.

Did you know that the throat muscles relax during sleep, which can collapse the airway? A DME device known as CPAP creates constant pressure in the airway, allowing breathing passages to stay open during sleep. According to a 2005 study in the Lancet, patients who used CPAP to manage sleep apnea experienced improved sleep and cardiovascular mortality rates similar to those of healthy people without sleep apnea.



Could I benefit from DME in my home?
You may benefit from DME if you have difficulty maintaining healthy breathing patterns during sleep. Symptoms include chronic snoring and ‘gasping’ for air during the night – both potential indicators of sleep apnea.
How will my doctor determine if DME is right for me?
You will attend a consultation to evaluate your sleep habits and routine. Based on your symptoms and possibly a sleep study, your doctor can make a definitive diagnosis of your condition. If you are diagnosed with a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea, a DME device may be right for you.
What types of durable medical equipment for sleep are available?
There are many types of sleep-related DME devices. The most commonly prescribed is the continuous positive airway pressure device, or CPAP. Other types of DME include bi-level positive pressure devices (BIPAP), respiratory assist devices (RAD), home invasive mechanical ventilators, oxygen, and portable oximeters.