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Congratulations to our Gastroenterology office for being a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award 2014!


Patients come to OIMA Gastroenterology for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive health problems, such as colitis, chronic constipation, heartburn or other reflux disease, abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, and gastrointestinal bleeding. Patients also come to us for preventive care, such as for colon cancer screening upon reaching the recommended screening age of 50 (45 for African Americans). Some patients make their own appointments and others are referred by their physician.

To make an appointment, call our Gastroenterology Department at (425) 467 – 0150.

For information on gastrointestinal procedures, please click on the “SERVICES OFFERED” tab above.


Please print these forms, complete them, and bring them with you to your appointment.


As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to contact your carrier directly to see if a physician you will be seeing is in network.

The following are health plans we participate with as of this writing. Please note that this list is NOT all-inclusive; there are other (smaller volume) plans not listed here that you will find, by calling your carrier, that we are a participating provider, and vice versa.

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Encompass Specialty Surgical Network
  • EvergreenHealth Partners LLC Clinically Integrated Network plans: First Choice, Regence Accountable Health Network, Cigna, Puget Sound High Value Network, Premera ACO, Washington State Health Care Authority ACO.
  • First Choice
  • Medicare
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Premera Exchange Network plans: AK Global, AK, Heritage Plus, AK Heritage Select, Foundation & Foundation Plus 1, Global, Heritage & Heritage Plus 1, Heritage Prime, Heritage Signature
  • Regence Blue Shield
  • Regence Uniform Medical Plan
  • United Healthcare
  • UW Medicine Accountable Care Network (Boeing & Washington State Public Employees Benefit Board Program & Premera Accountable Health System)
  • Workers Compensation

Please note that this list of participating insurers will change from time to time. This list in no way guarantees that your insurer will cover a visit even to an in-network provider. It will ultimately be up to your insurer to make that determination; therefore, please contact them directly, and you will also be able to obtain benefits information pertaining to your specific coverage.


You can make the most of your appointment by being prepared. Please bring the following:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Driver’s license (or state-issued ID with photograph)
  • Medical records from your referring physician (if you have them)
  • All medications you are currently taking (We prefer the actual prescription and non-prescription bottles themselves in a bag because they have the medication names and dosages on them)
  • List of allergies
  • Cancer screening records
  • Payment (cash, check, or Visa/ MasterCard are accepted).

Note: If you have had a recent hospital stay, Emergency Room or urgent care visit, any lab work, imaging, or other testing related to your symptoms, please let us know when scheduling the appointment. Having access to the results and the ability to preview the results prior to your appointment can save valuable time and potentially eliminate redundant testing.


Please call (425) 467 – 0150 and listen to the options to reach the answering service. An operator will answer 24/7 and ask you some questions. The service will then contact the physician on call. Expect a return call from the physician within 30 minutes. The physician on call may not be your particular physician; however, any physician will be able to assist you.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening incident, please dial 911 immediately.


Where should I park?
Overlake Internal Medicine Associates Gastroenterology is located in suites 140 and 560 of the Medical Tower at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue. Please park in the North Parking Garage and follow the signs to the Medical Tower. The entrance to this garage is located on the north end of the Overlake Hospital campus and can be accessed from 116th Ave NE.

The first hour is complimentary. Prices for visits over one hour are as follows:

0-1 hour: FREE
1-2 hours: $4
Over 2 hours: $5.

Valet parking is available at the Hospital main entrance across from Starbucks for $5. If you have a valid state handicap parking permit, the price for Valet Parking is $2.

My Primary Care physician referred me to your office for a procedure. Will I have that procedure on my first visit?
Procedures are not performed on the first visit. It is important for the physician to perform a complete physical examination on the patient prior to scheduling a procedure. When the physician orders a procedure, you will have an opportunity to learn information about the procedure and ask any questions you may have.

Why do I have to have a consult first?
We rarely schedule patients for endoscopies or biopsies without consultation first. We believe that thoughtful consideration of your problem and full discussion of the risks and benefits of any procedure are good medical practice standards before scheduling you for a procedure.

What can I expect on my first visit?
Your first visit will allow your gastroenterologist to evaluate your symptoms. As part of that consultation, your gastroenterologist may request additional tests or procedures, such as blood tests, imaging studies, or endoscopic examinations for diagnosis or treatment. A treatment plan may also be prescribed along with a follow-up plan of care. Sometimes follow-up may be indicated through your primary care physician.

How often should I have a colonoscopy?
Most guidelines encourage you to have a baseline colonoscopy at the age of 50. When you should return for a repeat colonoscopy will depend on your family history and personal history. Your physician will be able to direct you to the appropriate time frame for your personal health.

If you have a first degree relative (mother, father, or sibling) diagnosed with colon cancer, and you are under the age of 50, please contact our office 425-467-0150, option 5, for a recommendation.

How do I get my test results?
We will notify you of your results by mail, by telephone, or at your next scheduled appointment. You should receive results within 10 – 14 business days after we receive them. Please NEVER ASSUME that “no news is good news.” You are always welcome to call our office for results. The following is information about specific tests:

• Imaging Study Results: Our office will make every effort to contact you as soon as we have reviewed your imaging study test results. However, it can take up to 10 – 14 business days for us to receive and review your results. If you have not received a call within 14 business days from your test, please contact our office at (425) 467-0150, option 5, to leave a message for your medical assistant or nurse to inquire about your results.
• Lab Results: Our office will make every effort to contact you as soon as we receive and review your laboratory or stool test results. However, it can take up to 10 – 14 business days for us to receive and review your results. If you have not received a call within 14 business days from your test, please contact our office at (425) 467-0150, option 5, to leave a message for your medical assistant or nurse to inquire about your results.
• Procedure Results: Upon discharge from the procedure, either you or your escort will receive discharge directions. If a biopsy was taken, your pathology/ tissue report will be mailed to you within 10 – 14 business days of your procedure. We will also send a copy of your results to your primary care provider or your referring physician if you provided us with that information. Please call our office at (425) 467-0150, option 5, if you have not received your results within 14 business days. If you did not have a biopsy, the discharge directions given to you or your escort on the day of your procedure will serve as your results.

How do I refill my medications?
If you received your prescription from our office, please call your pharmacy to request a renewal. Your pharmacy will contact us to renew it. Our office will contact you directly if we need to see you before renewing your prescription. It is important to request all medication refills at least 3 business days before your prescription runs out. Please do not wait until your prescription runs out to contact us, as it may cause a break in your medication therapy.

Do I need a referral to see a gastroenterologist?
You are encouraged to call your insurance company. Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to have the proper referral in place at the time of the visit. If you arrive at our office without a referral, you may be asked to pay at the time of service, sign a financial waiver, or reschedule your appointment.

Does Overlake Internal Medicine Associates accept my insurance?
With most insurance questions, it is best to call the insurance company directly to determine if OIMA is covered under your particular plan. Your health plan will provide you with information regarding your benefits, including co-pay, co-insurance, how much of your deductible has been met, as well as out-of-pocket limits. For more information, please refer to the “PARTICIPATING INSURANCE NETWORKS” section above.

How do I pay?
Patient co-pays and balances will be collected at the time of service. We are prohibited from waiving or discounting co-pays, coinsurance, or deductible payments required to be made by the patient. This prohibition includes “professional courtesy” discounts.

We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

If you have circumstances where financial arrangements need further discussion, please contact our Business Office prior to your appointment time at 425-467-0150, option 3.

OIMA will file Medicare or other insurance claims as a courtesy for our patients. Patients are responsible for deductibles, co-payments, and any remaining balances after insurance payment, and these amounts will be requested from you at the time of service.



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