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Why Choose Us?

The RIGHT care – All of our doctors are Board Certified and experienced.

TIMELY care – If it’s urgent, we’ll do our best to get you in.

ACCREDITED convenience – Our accredited, on-site lab means your lab draws are done here during your visit (most of the time), enabling your doctor to make quicker decisions about your treatment.

Our LOCATION – We’re centrally located near downtown Bellevue but not inside downtown where parking and access start to become an issue. In Issaquah, we’re right off the interstate.

FREE Wi-Fi – At OIMA, our offices have free Wi-Fi in our reception rooms for your use.

FREE parking – Our Internal Medicine office at Washington Park has ample free parking.

TECHNOLOGY – We’ve made quite an investment in an Electronic Health Records system (EHR) to work towards a paperless office. Soon, the EHR will allow our patients to interact with us via secure messaging, enabling our patients to receive lab results without ever picking up the phone, pay their bills online at any time 24/7, and much more.

LESS OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE MEANS MORE $ IN YOUR WALLET – We are an independent practice, owned and operated by physicians; therefore, you won’t be charged facility fees that are oftentimes charged by practices and facilities owned by hospitals and health systems. You will especially see a difference in your patient responsibility if you have a high deductible health plan. Your cost share by seeing one of our doctors is comparably lower than seeing a doctor employed by a system that charges facility fees.